95% Absorption 100% Health in Joints Hair Skin Nails Unique formula with proven* results.
95% Absorption 100% Health in Joints Hair Skin Nails Unique formula with proven* results.

The formula that stimulates the organism to produce collagen

The process of enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen, patented by Spanish scientists, allows 95% of its absorption in the form of peptides, their accumulation in the places where there is a need in the body and the activation of the body to produce collagen repairing damage to articular cartilage or or due to injuries.

Mode of action - Improvement of symptoms

Absorption by 95%

Distribution - Accumulation

Stimulation - Production

Proven results (Collagen Pro-active compared to Glucosamine)

Absorption 95%

Study 1 reports the ability to absorb 95% hydrolyzed collagen up to 12 hours after use.

In a recent study 2 , various food-derived collagen peptides were identified in human blood after the use of oral hydrolyzed collagen. Healthy volunteers drank hydrolyzed collagen (9.4 to 23 g) after 12 hours of fasting. Before use, the blood test identified negligible amounts of peptides. After oral ingestion, the blood peptide content increased significantly and reached a maximum level (20-60 nmol / ml plasma) after 1-2 hours. At 4 hours of use the content was reduced to half the maximum level.

Distribution - Accumulation

In study 1 the results demonstrate the intestinal absorption of hydrolyzed collagen and its accumulation mainly in cartilage tissues and suggest a possible mechanism for the clinical benefits of orally administered hydrolyzed collagen.

Stimulation - Production

In third study 3 the results show that hydrolyzed oral collagen provides the necessary building blocks (peptides) to stimulate collagen biosynthesis by chondrocytes.

Proven results

Collagen Pro-active or Glucosamine?

According to study 4 , administration of 10 g of enzymatically hydrolyzed oral collagen to men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee compared to 1.5 g of glucosamine showed that Collagen Pro-active had, over 90 days, comparatively better results in reducing both pain and and to reduce swelling of the joints..

It should be noted that the amount of 10 g of collagen is contained in the recommended daily dose of 1 cap Pro-active. On the other hand, 1.5 gr. glucosamine is usually contained in 3 pills of the supplements available in the Greek market.

Conclusion: with similar treatment costs, the results with collagen use compared to glucosamine are dramatically better.
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