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Welcome to the website https://collagenproactive.com/ (hereinafter Website) of Total Health Solutions A.E. (hereinafter the Company), we draw your attention to the fact that your access to it is subject to the acceptance and observance of the terms, conditions, statements and disclaimers contained herein and anywhere else on the Website (cumulatively called “Terms Use »). By using, navigating and / or continuing to access the Website, you are presumed to have read, understood and agree to the Terms of Use. Otherwise, please do not use the Website.

The Company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. The modified Terms of Use have immediate effect and are valid until they are terminated by the Company. The Company may terminate this agreement and your access to the Website at any time without notice. In case of termination, you no longer have permission to access the Website. All restrictions, disclaimers and liability restrictions set forth in the Terms of Use survive any termination.

The Company provides non-prescription nutritional supplements.

You must not use the Website in any way or for any purpose that:

A. It is illegal or in any way violates the right of the company, or

B. Prohibited by the Terms of Use. The Website is available and may only be used by persons deemed to be legally fully competent to act in accordance with the law to which they belong. This Website is addressed to persons over 18 years of age.

Violation of the terms herein may result in an obligation of the user / visitor to compensation. The user agrees to defend and safeguard Total Health Solutions, its employees, executives, agents, partners and suppliers against any loss, cost, loss or other expense, including any reasonable legal fees that may result from any loss. violation of the terms of this by the user.


All information, texts, materials, graphics and advertisements on this Website (hereinafter “Content”) are the intellectual property of Total Health Solutions, its suppliers and / or the licensors, unless otherwise noted. defined on the Website. The Content is protected by Greek and international copyright law. Unauthorized use of the Content may violate this law. You may download and view the material for your personal, non-commercial use, as long as the Content remains intact and in exactly the same form as it appears on the Website (including any trademarks, trademarks, or other proprietary notices). Except as expressly stated above, nothing herein can be construed as granting license or right to any Total Health Solutions copyright.

Hereby, Total Health Solutions grants you the right to download and view material contained on this Website, for your personal non-commercial use only, provided that any copy of this content you reproduce will still carry all the declarations of ownership-intellectual and non-intellectual- as well as any declaration of disclaimer included in them and on this Website. Specifically:

You may reproduce the material solely for the personal information of third parties only if:

(j) indicate that the source of the material was the website https://collagenproactive.com/ you are required to include identification of the source and site address in the copy of the material, and

(ii) inform the third party that these conditions also apply to him / her and that he / she must comply with them.

This license does not permit the incorporation of any material or portion thereof into another work or publication, in print, electronic or otherwise. In particular (but without restriction), the distribution or copying of the websites https://collagenproactive.com/ for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Nothing herein may be construed as implicitly granting a patent or other license or right in relation to a patent, trademark or other right of Total Health Solutions or any third party. Except as expressly stated above, nothing contained herein may be construed as authorizing or the right to any copyright of Total Health Solutions.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

This Website has been developed as a service provided by Total Health Solutions. Despite our best efforts, the content of this Website may not be kept up to date. Nothing on this Website should be construed as providing advice or encouragement, nor as a basis for any decision, action or omission. Total Health Solutions A.E. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, validity, timeliness or use of the information contained in this Website, or its updating. This material is provided “as is”, without any warranty or promise of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied (statutory) warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise.

The visitor assumes any risk that may arise from the use and access to the Website. In particular, neither Total Health Solutions A.E., nor any other party that may have participated in the creation, design or access of the public of this Website, are liable for any damage to the user / visitor, including any direct, indirect, incidental, special, ancillary, incidental, or other loss or loss of profits that may result from access to, use or inability to access or use the Website or its content, or damage caused by an error, omission or omission in its content, even by gross negligence employee or added by Total Health Solutions A.E. This disclaimer also includes causing any damage or loss of profit from any transmission of virus to user / visitor electronic equipment.

Total Health Solutions A.E. to the extent permitted by law, disclaims any liability. Legislation, general or specific, may provide for rights and claims in favor of the provision of products or services by Total Health Solutions A.E. on the Website, which may not be excluded, restricted or otherwise modified (hereinafter referred to as the “Provided Rights”). Total Health Solutions A.E. does not exclude any Contingent Rights, but excludes any other terms or implied warranties arising from regulations, laws or other provisions. In addition, Total Health Solutions A.E. does not guarantee that the Website will operate flawlessly or that the Website or its services are provided without the possibility of being infected by computer viruses.

Total Health Solutions A.E. assumes no responsibility for any information you may find on third party websites beyond its control. Although it strives to provide links only to third party websites that comply with applicable laws and regulations, but also to Total Health Solutions A.E. data, please note that these third party websites are subject to change. without our prior notice. Therefore, we can not be held responsible, nor do we accept any responsibility for the information or opinions contained on third party websites.

Nothing contained on this Website may be construed or construed as an invitation or investment offer or trading in Total Health Solutions A.E. present Website or any conclusion you may draw.

Side Effects Report

If you wish to report any side effects, please call 213 008 1013 or contact your National Medicines Agency.

Health Tips

The Website has been developed as a service provided by Total Health Solutions A.E. Like any other service, despite the fact that we make every effort to update the content of this Website, it is of a general nature and may not be constantly updated. The Company makes no statement or warranty regarding its accuracy or usefulness. It is important for you to rely solely on the advice of a healthcare professional about your condition. Nothing on this Website should be construed as providing advice or encouragement and shall not constitute a basis for any decision or action. It is important that you only seek the advice of a professional doctor for advice on your specific medical condition.

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